Workshop on Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

About the workshop CBT is an evidence based psychological treatment for a variety of emotional and medical disorders. This 2 day workshop on CBT will cover the basic principles and applications of CBT. It is intended to provide a practical introduction to the basic principles and skills involved in the practice of CBT in depression and anxiety disorders. In addition to providing training in basic clinical skills, this workshop would provide a good foundation for further training in advanced application of CBT. Training methods will include, presentations, role plays and group activities and demonstrations. The workshop will focus specifically on the applications of CBT in anxiety and depression and with particular reference to Perinatal mental health. Overview of topics in the workshop:  Theoretical background, varieties and approaches in CBT  Essential principles of Cognitive Behaviour therapies and an introduction to the CBT model of emotional disorders  Assessment in CBT: steps and strategies  Case formulation in CBT: Using case formulation in cognitive behaviour therapy  CBT in depression: Treating the depressed client with CBT  CBT in anxiety disorders: Overview and introduction  Applications in the Perinatal setting and women’s mental health

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Bangalore , India

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