Symposium - Advances in Biological Research

Theme of the symposium- “Advances in Biological Research”

Aristotle, The Father of Biology has said “All men by nature desire to know”. To desire the depth of science is to understand the glimpse of life, where Biology plays an important role to understand the hierarchy of Science. Biological Science is an exciting and rapidly developing area. Recently, the study of living things has undergone tremendous expansion in diverse class of biology, helps analyzing various aspects of integral systems. Biological systems are so complex, that needs new interventions and experimental approaches to uncover the tangled facts. As the advance of knowledge and technology becomes more complex, present generation are required to possess, an advanced understanding and the emerging concepts of biological sciences. This helps to deal with intellectual and technological demands of today. Hence, this symposium will provide an opportunity for attendees to participate in discussions on various aspects of biology. This would enhance awareness in current, future trends and development in biological sciences. The proposed symposium has a prime objective to provide an opportunity for a close interaction of scientists and scholars, with varied interests in diverse field of Biology. This will also provide a forum for in-depth assessment of challenges involved pertaining to biology. It will bring together leading biologists and other allied professionals to discuss and present the latest important.

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Mysore , India

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