Down To Earth - Interdisciplinary conference on Agri-Innovation and Entrepreneurship

University of Calcutta

Down To Earth - Interdisciplinary conference on Agri-Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the 1st conference as part of UKIERI supported collaboration between University of Calcutta, India and Leeds Beckett University, UK will be held in IMI campus in Kolkata, India. This conference is aimed at understanding the opportunities and challenges in sustainable agriculture in India and UK. The objective of the conference is to bring together academic researchers, sustainable agricultural entrepreneurs, businesses engaged in the agri-value chain and policy makers to share knowledge and practice of current agricultural businesses. The event will also be of interest to researchers who are looking at the study of operational factors hampering agricultural businesses, issues of farm productivity, use of sustainable fertilizers, use of hybrid models of agribusinesses to increase the returns from agricultural businesses. Small agricultural businesses can benefit from fine-tuning their business models based on best practice dissemination based on case studies developed by researchers on this project and the wider body of social researchers. Large retailers can benefit from this event to interface with small agricultural businesses on the requirement of businesses as part of the value chain and showcase the social credentials demanded by current customers.

The conference will act as an aggregator of:

• Knowledge on management of sustainable agribusinesses

• Expertise on farming practices that enable successful ventures

• Expert guidance from entrepreneurs & policy developers

• Pathways of future development in sustainable agriculture.

The conference will accept cross disciplinary papers and cases with the common objective to study small businesses and agricultural practices for sustainable agrientrepreneurship. The conference invites short papers and cases of up to 6000 words that bring out unique models of sustainability in the Indian or UK agribusiness context.

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Kolkata , India

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